Sun Nov 18, 2018 |

Monthly Quiz (OCT - 2018)

Questionnaire For OCT-2018
  1. Name the oldest mine in the world. Where it is located?
  2. Who is the New PM of Australia?
  3. Name the first Indian to win gold at the Asian Games in Javelin.
  4. Name the deepest fresh water lake in the world?
  5. Name the new Chief Justice of India?
  6. Where was earliest Zoo established? Who established it?
  7. Name the two satellites that Orbit Mars ?
  8. Who formulates the Fiscal Policy in India?
  9. What was the main source of Indians classical dances.
  10. It has 34 cave shrines representing Buddhist, Jain and Hindu brahmanic faiths. Name the monument
Note:- Deposit your answers in Sr. Library by 22nd Oct 2018


1 Chert (silica) at Nazlet Sabaha Garb, Egypt

2 Scott Morrisom

3 Neeraj Chopra

4 Lake Baikal in Russia, 1640m

5 Rajan Gogoi

6 At modern day, Puzurish, Irag by Shulgi, 3rd dynasty ruler of Ur

7 Phobos and Deimos

8 Ministry of Finance

9 Natya Shastra by Bharat muni

10 Ellora Caves