Wed Apr 21, 2021 |

Teacher Training Details

Indoor TrainingsMrs. Richa and Mrs. Shifali in a session on Positive Discipline focused on optimizing the chief productivity tool providing a road map to the heart of engagement self management, achievement and the art of recharging and renewal.
Indoor TrainingsMrs. Sarabjit Kwatra in a session on The games people play the assertive way shared many strategies for managing work life balance to reduce stress on and off the job.
Indoor TrainingsMrs. Harmeet Kaur in a session on Classroom Management introduced participants to a comprehensive behavior management system to help them to focus on maintaining maximal opportunities to learn and to facilitate an effective and positive learning environment.
Indoor TrainingsMrs. Rajdeep Aulakh in a session on Best Teaching Techniques deliberated upon the role of mentoring which is far more crucial than explaining the course curriculum.
Capacity Building WorkshopAn awareness programme was held to equip school principals about skill and competency development at school level. The programme was organized in collaboration with CBSE and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. and was presided over by Mrs. MOUSHUMI SARKAR, Assistant Secretary Skill Education, CBSE, New Delhi. The workshop saw participation from nearly 180 principals from various schools in Punjab.