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Infrastructure (Senior Wing)

BCM´s Libraries are established to ensure that all Members of the school community have equitable access to books and reading, to information and to information technology. The school is justifiably proud of a spacious 3 libraries. The senior and primary libraries consist of more than 30,000 books which include text books, reference books and encyclopedias. Our libraries are vibrant educational hubs which has subscription of about 60 magazines in different languages. The school subscribes about


Fashion Studies room is designed for the transition of young adults from academia into the fashion designers. It includes pattern making tables, general draping tools, dress forms, sewing machines, drafting tables etc.


Home Science and Food Production lab facility is provided for Senior Classes (XI and XII), not only girls but boys also show keen interest in this field. The lab is well ventilated with a centrally placed working table, accessories like cutlery, ovens, latest appliances, enables the students to learn and prefect the art of cooking. Students are given vast knowledge of few areas of specialization such as food and Nutrition, Communication and Extension, Resource Management, Human Development, Fabr


A digital, fully functional lab with 40 computers having latest information regarding Marketing and its Management has been set up for the students of Class XI and Class XII. The lab supports the students to perform better in online exams. They explore the entrepreneur world and choose the career related to the business world.


The school´s Psychology Lab is set up with a view to provide a comfortable and friendly environment to the students who need counselling. A well-educated counsellor counsels the students and try to find out the solutions to their problems. Various tests are also conducted to check their IQ level. Psychology students carry out cognitive and psycho-physio-logical investigations here and experience complex Psychological researches.